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Customer Testimonials

Description of Work:


Replaced stiff shower handle, replaced exterior water spigot, repaired low hanging pipes, troubleshooted and solved water hammer problem.


Customer Comment:


Bob is very professional and takes pride in his work. We had a leak (stain on the ceiling was our clue) and he took the time to measure the area to pin point exactly where the leak was coming from above. He saved us from replacing a shower insert that was supposedly cracked (another contractor told us that) and found the actual problem. The repair was next to nothing and solved the problem. We called him back another time to fix a water hammer problem and he solved that, too.


Grade: A


Kathryn T.  

Chesterland, OH 

April 2012



Description of Work:


Repaired gas leaks, updated shut-offs for gas and water repaired blockage in hot water heater and updated pressure regulator.


Customer Comment:


They did an excellent job!  Bob responded to my phone call quickly and was at my house for repairs within a few days.  At that time, he provided an estimate.  They took care of the immediate problems first, bringing in other technicians to get the job done, and came back another day to finish the repairs that weren't as important.  In addition to repairing what needed to be done, Bob updated shut-off valves and checked other possible leak areas~he went above and beyond and did a very thorough job!


Grade: A


Suzanne H.

Wickliffe, OH

April 2012



Description of Work:


Replaced a two handled shower (separate hot and cold) with a one handled Moen Banbury Posi-temp valve (we purchased separately) and relocated the shower outlet. Also replaced a two handled tub with a one handled Moen Banbury Posi-temp valve (we purchased separately) and replaced the tub spout. Additionally, they reinstalled a toilet after bathroom was re-tiled.


Customer Comment:


The work was done perfectly and very fast. We've used Bob and his team before and we wouldn't call anyone else when we need plumbing work done.


Grade: A


Matthew L.

Mayfield Village, OH

January 2012



Description of Work:


Assessing a drainage problem with the basement toilet. Toilet was removed, drain line camera-inspected, line was snaked and toilet replaced. 


Customer Comment:


I liked the fact that the crew came in prepared to work, not to walk around with a clipboard and a bunch of numbers. I've had difficulty with my basement toilet for about a year. After they listened to my description of what others had said was the problem, and what they wanted to do (tree roots in the main line, dig up and replace/repair the main line), the McHughs guys proposed removing the toilet and camera-scoping from the basement side. They made clear how much this would cost, up front. As this was less than digging up the front yard, and they seemed confident that this was the actual problem, I gave them the go-ahead. With me watching the screen (by their invitation), we saw that the problem was indeed more localized. They snaked the line, then made suggestions for what could be done in the future to avoid repeat of the problem (dig up basement floor around toilet and set in new drainage). Very professional without pressure.


Grade: A


Richard M. 

Shaker Heights, OH

December 2011



Description of Work:


I used McHugh's Plumbing Inc. to fix the faucets at the back of my house.  He put a new cartridge in my bathtub in the kids’ bathroom 


Customer Comment:


He also gave me some ideas on how to handle a couple of problems that I had here.  I found them on Angie's List.  I will be using them again in the new year.  They are very knowledgeable.  I do like the company.  I have called him twice at short notice, and he has always done his best to fit me in and come up with the right solution for me.  When he replaced the back faucet he put in a very high quality faucet.  He also reviewed with us what we needed to do to maintain the faucet.  He told us what we should do in the winter time.  We still have to have him back over because we have to get a drain done.  He told us what kind of drain to use and everything.  He uses high-quality products, and I like that.  I don't want to end up calling him next year.  His price was within the scope of what he did.  Plumbers are expensive.  I would rather pay and get the job done correctly than keep calling them back because it wasn't done the right way.  He is right in the range of what I pay for plumbers.


Grade: A


Gail L.

Aurora, OH 

June 2011


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